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Aklim Cooling Solutions is a long-standing business with a reputation in the automotive air conditioning and refrigerated transportation systems for trucks and commercial vehicles.

One of the first in Israel to bring innovation and a high level of service.

Among our clients:

Car importers, leasing companies and refrigerated vehicles rentals, distribution companies, logistics service providers, transportation companies, food factories, farmers, growers, marketers of agricultural products, pharmaceutical companies, importers, food chains and more…

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Installation of cooling and insulation systems

Aklim Cooling Solutions specializes in the installation of cooling and insulation systems for commercial vehicles and vans, and controlled cooling and upgrading, repair and installation of cooling and insulation systems.

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Day and night backup systems

Aklim cooling solutions specializes in assembling and installing night-time backup systems. A cooling system that operates on an engine that can be operated electrically.

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Modelling shuttle vehicles

Aklim cooling Solutions offers a variety of advanced solutions for shuttle vehicles, all under one roof in a factory with the most advanced production technologies.

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Production of insulated chassis up to 3.5 tons

The insulated chassis can be ordered in several different thicknesses, depending on the customer’s requirements and the nature of his work.

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Sale of portable refrigerators

A leader in the field of refrigeration, for over 50 years designing and manufacturing refrigeration tanks and mobile refrigerators suitable for the transport and distribution of food, medicine and more.

Extensive experience and advocating innovation, creativity, professionalism, transparency and personal customer service.

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Our specialty – cooling units on engines for vans and trucks

Aklim Cooling Solutions is a manufacturing company with a creative outlook and sees the production of all its products under one roof as important and places emphasis on product quality and customer satisfaction.

The company employs approximately 25 dedicated employees and creates many jobs.

Aklim Cooling Solutions is proud of its unique products. The factory is divided into several departments that work in cooperation under one roof.

The unique production approach of Aklim Cooling Solutions leads to high quality products produced by self-production of almost all components, without the use of subcontractors.

From the birth of the concept and planning through the development and production, to the installation and delivery of the finished products to the customer.

The pursuit of excellence is reflected in development, technology, vision, excellence and progress.

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Among our clients

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