Sale of portable refrigerators


Aklim markets MELEFORM, the leader in the field of cooling, which for over 50 years has been designing and manufacturing cooling tanks and mobile refrigerators suitable for the transport and distribution of food, medicine and perishable products at a controlled temperature. Koala Line mobile refrigerators were specially developed for the storage and transport of products and/or materials sensitive to heat and unstable temperatures for which precise temperature control is necessary. The mobile MELEFORM refrigerators are ATP approved for the transport of perishable goods in land transportation, are available in a wide variety of versions with front and/or top opening, with wheels or legs and equipped with dedicated accessories.


A supply chain under continuous cooling conditions. Degree of accuracy in temperature adjustment: -/+ 0.5 degrees Celsius. Temperature control is guaranteed in any outdoor situation, thanks to the heating and cooling units. Koala’s mobile refrigerators allow the distribution of products at a controlled temperature at any required temperature. They are equipped with 3 power cables to connect to Vac230 and Vdc. 12. A variety of temperature levels in logistics. MELEFORM’s isothermal containers with integrated cooling units allow the transportation of different types of materials at different temperatures in regular vehicles. If necessary, the MELEFORM containers are equipped with RFID systems and USB DATA LOGGER for temperature control and monitoring. Thanks to the optional EVlink module with Bluetooth interface, the operating data can be seen on a smartphone and, if necessary, exported graphically.