Installation of cooling and insulation systems

Refrigerated transport for commercial vehicles

Aklim Cooling Solutions specializes in the installation of cooling and insulation systems for commercial vehicles, vans and trucks.

Features, benefits and characteristics:

Cooling systems for trucks

When it comes to trucks transporting food products, medicine and more, there is no doubt that it is very important to make sure that the food products reach their destination at the right temperature without any fear that they will be damaged during transport.

Different refrigeration systems, such as refrigeration units, are a very important aspect when it comes to trucks since often the truck doors will open and close to load goods that arrive at supermarkets, hotels, various institutions, factories and more that have ordered refrigerated food products or medicine.

Aklim’s cooling systems are strong and reliable and provide the desired temperature for the various areas of transportation.

Insulation for refrigerated vehicles

Polyurethane insulation with a material density of 45 kg per square meter in the floor, sides, doors, and ceiling. They help maintain the temperature inside the cooling chamber and reduce the influence of the climate and weather conditions in our hot country.

Construction and installation of insulation for refrigerated transport vehicles

The purposes of the insulation – insulation in the floor, walls, doors, and ceiling helps to maintain the temperature inside the cooling chamber and reduces the influence of the climate and weather conditions in our hot country. Strong, stable, low water absorption, longevity.

Features and characteristics – strong, stable, low water absorption, longevity, high density to achieve maximum insulation.

Used for transportation of – Food, meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, medicine, flowers and more…

Additional benefits – Protects the vehicle from the inside from damage from work and loading equipment and falling pallets and boxes and protects the goods from external damage to the vehicle.

Technical specifications – insulation panels / polyurethane

Isolation model – AK-1 by Aklim

  • Insulating the interior of the vehicle with 50/100 mm polyurethane type panels in accordance with the 1291 Israeli standard
  • Insulated floor with a thickness of 50/100 mm
  • Aluminum floor, tempered tin/epoxy
  • Straps around the inner part of the vehicle
  • LED lighting in the ceiling of the vehicle
  • Option for cooling chambers of different sizes and temperatures
  • The vehicle insulation is certified by the Ariel Laboratory and approved by the Ministry of Transportation – License to manufacture transport products number 6685
  • The level of insulation allows a temperature of up to 16 degrees below zero