Production of insulated chassis up to 3.5 tons

Insulated Chassis

The insulated chassis can be ordered in several different thicknesses, depending on the customer’s requirement and the nature of his work.

The 50/80/100 mm insulated panels are built with a unique construction and development technology for Aklim Cooling Solutions.

As a result of this construction method, the insulated walls receive a very low specific weight.

The chassis sidewall

We produce the insulated walls in several sizes with different thicknesses according to the customer’s requirement and the temperature necessary for his work.

The interior of the panel is made of a wooden frame that includes a division of partitions with a combination of slotted POLYORATEN mattresses with a material density of SLS-45, in addition, the panel sides undergo a coating process with 2.2 mm fiberglass PU resistant against solar radiation and at the same time is considered a material with a high level of insulation.

The chassis floor

The chassis floor is produced in different thicknesses with a high level of insulation.

The floor frame is made of green wood with partitions.

Between the floor partiotions are placed boards of 80/50 mm grooved polyurethane foam, the upper part of the floor is made of wooden boards and finally a thick liquid called epoxy is spread over the wood.

Types of floors produced by the company: Aluminum, stainless steel, epoxy, with a maximum level of insulation.

The chassis doors

The chassis doors are manufactured in several different thicknesses and according to the thickness of the chassis panels.

The doors are produced in the same way as the panels, only that the frame of the doors is made of an insulated PVC profile resistant to heat and cold to prevent the escape of cold from the chassis.